Compact Double Side Labeling Machine

This Compact Double Side labeling machine is applied for decisive labeling on double side labeling machine or also compact single side labeling machine together on any shapes or various sizes of boxes. We are offering a limited range of Auto front labeling machine and also Auto Front and back labeling machine. Double two label retailers uses individually or freely. Our all labeling machines are designed and manufactured with using supreme quality elements and cutting margin technology as per our well skilled experts and professionals with best level of knowledge. Our implemented labeling machine, compact double side labeling machine is verified aspect allotments conductive to surety for its quality. 

Follow are applications used in:
·         Pharmaceutics
·         Liquors and foods
·         widely utilizing for the medicine and cosmetics
·         Agronomy
·         Energy Care

Follow are applications used for:
·         Hologram Labels
·         Sticker Labels
·         Instruction Labels
·         Transparent Labels

 Features of Compact Double Side Labeling Machine:

           ·         Adjustable
           ·         No preservation cost